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Summer Parties for Kids

Posted by Troy on

I can’t believe that summer is almost here. It seems like our kids just started school yet in just a few weeks they will be running around the house. Anyways let’s talk about fun things to do with the kids outside the normal. Summer parties are great time to bring people together and enjoy one another. Many customers have ordered products from Kids Travel Zone with party themes in mind. I decided to put together 5 party themes that were fun and easy to do and the products that these creative party planners ordered.

Pool Party/Luau Party:
Of course a pool party is easy to do with kids but only if you have a pool. For those of you who do not have a pool, a Luau works really well. Decorations for a Luau are inexpensive but kids love the idea. Whether you are having a pool party or a Luau you will want to make it memorable so add a personalized towel with the party theme and child’s name for the party.

Movie Night Party:
This is a great way to have the kids over without running around like chickens. The kids can either watch the movie outside under the stars or inside if it is raining. If the movie night turns into slumber party (which it does most of the time), be ready by having the Overnight Gift Set. This gift set includes a sleeping bag, drawstring and toiletry bag (the drawstring and toiletry can be personalized).

Nature Hike Party:
Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Where to take the kids to have fun and be educational in the middle of the day? Go on a nature hike! Whether you go to a park, through the woods or on the open field, there is a lot to see. One customer ordered the Bug Gift Set and took the kids on a nature hike. They later told me they didn’t hike more than 50 feet. They saw so many bugs, and the gadgets with the bug set kept the kids busy. The only problem was the customer had to look up the species of about 100 bugs. Luckily our gift set comes with a bug book! (Though she didn’t think she was very lucky).

Arts & Crafts Party:
We have had a lot of customers order the Art Gift Set for parties. Art parties are great way to have the kids bring out their personal artistic creations. The nice thing about these parties is that you can have them inside on rainy days. But these are great parties to have out back and not have as much cleanup to do inside the house.

Simple Birthday Parties:
It seems now a days some birthday parties are over the top. Too much stress and then it is over. One customer wanted the kids to remember the party and have something cool to take home. Each child took home a personalized Treasure Case. The customer emailed me back and told me how much all the kids loved seeing a bag with their name on it and now they bring them over to play with their favorite toys inside.

Thank you customers for telling us about your summer parties and including us on the fun!

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