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Mess-Free Roadtrip Snacks

Summer is one of the best seasons for roadtrips with the kids. You get great views of the open road, perfect weather for driving, and the major bonus for the kids: they don't have to worry about school! One of the few things you have to worry about is how to keep the little ones [...]

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Traveling to Grandma's this Thanksgiving

Planning to travel to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving this month?  How exciting for your little ones!  You can make it special before they even leave the house.  Kids love to have their own things and a suitcase is no exception!  Sit down with them and have them design their own suitcases.  Do they have a [...]

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Packing Your Kids’ Luggage: An Easy Guide for Parents

You bought the plane tickets, called the taxi service and booked the hotel. Your dream vacation is only a few days away and now all you have to do is pack your and your kids' luggage! It’s no secret: packing for your kids is hard. As a busy parent, it’s difficult to remember everything you need to bring in [...]

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Traveling with Toddlers

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to travel with children successfully! With these quick tips and strategic plans of action you can make any trip with kids a manageable and fun one. Use Technology. Utilizing the technology provided on the plane or bringing your own can only help a flight! Whether you disapprove [...]

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Educational Apps for Kids

School is out for the summer, which means one thing: vacations with the kids! Whether you’re flying to another country, driving across America, or just going to Grandma’s for the weekend, vacation travel can be extremely rewarding – and extremely challenging at times. Trying to keep the kids calm and entertained during the long travel process can be headache-inducing. Fortunately, [...]

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