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The things we did in Destin, Florida this spring break.

Posted by Troy on

Well this year the family went to Destin, Florida for spring break. When I say the family, it is my wife, my son, my daughter and my two dogs. Of course, what better way to spend vacation than with another family that also includes kids and their dog. This adventure started with finding a place to house us all. We went onto VRBO and after many back and forth (including getting the ok from the wives) we found a house that had room for all of us and accepted dogs.

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So we packed up the car with all of our luggage and started on our way. Since we were driving we decided to stop half way down to Florida from Ohio in Nashville, TN. This is a great town, with a lot to do with the families. Since we had the dogs, we stayed at the Drury Hotel. The Drury Hotel is always welcoming of pets. We were not staying long so we just stopped for dinner and a walk along Broadway to stretch the legs before getting some sleep.

After a long ride the next day we made it to Destin, FL. We picked Destin for all the great activities you can do outside of just hanging out on the beach. Some of the great things you can do are: fishing, boating, crab island, kayaking, parasailing, and surfing. We, of course, tried to do all those things; what better way to spend a vacation that tiring yourself out. We would fish in the morning (no we did not catch anything). We rented a boat one day and took it over to crab island. From the beach you could rent a kayak, take surf lessons, see the scenery while parasailing or just take a cooler and toys for the kids and relax on the beach. But the best thing we did was play football on the beach, nothing better than a two families going at it on the beach gridiron. Well someone has to win and someone has to lose and my family won on the last play of the game. My 11 year old daughter dove and caught the ball in the make shift end zone. What was even better was the other family bought dinner that night!

All in all it was a fun vacation. Check back next month when I blog about my trip to China!