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Trip to China

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Well I know it has been longer than a month but I am finally writing about our trip to China. I took my son and made the trek to mainland China (remember to have plenty to do on a 12 plane ride!). China is very different than the United States of America. First when we arrived we were pictured and finger printed. The good thing is all the signs are in English so you can navigate yourself through the airport. We finally made it to the hotel and were pictured and finger printed again. 

After sleeping, we decided to explore the city we were in. What jumps out at you is the amount of large skyscrapers that are everywhere and most of them are apartment buildings. The size of the city and the amount of buildings are more than any city in the USA. Oh and lots of people.  There is also beautiful architecture and history sites that date back to A.D.  Amazing when you stop and think about it, here in the USA we have history going back a couple of hundred years and China has history going back more than a couple of thousand years!

It was fun learning about the culture, seeing the history and talking with anyone that spoke English but there is nothing like the United States of America. We all have to remember that we are lucky to live in a beautiful country where we have the freedom and rights to do so much. Going over seas to a different country puts that in perspective, we should all embrace each other and give thanks...and lets start getting along!